Review of Chasing Nightmares by Jackie June

DISCLAIMER: Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. All music is subjective to the listener. Feel free to leave comments or your own opinion! Thanks! 

Soft and intimate, yet powerful. This is how I would describe the music of New Jersey based singer/songwriter Jackie June. Her influences include Lady Gaga, Adele, Michelle Branch, Nick Fradiani, and her favorite group... Hanson! 

Her newest single Chasing Nightmares is a perfect melding of indie and pop. June was able to fuse the two genres together and create a safe middle ground, which could potentially reach a whole array of individuals. I can definitely hear this track on both mainstream radio stations and smaller college stations. It was written with pianist Jes Hudak and produced by Jamie McClanahan from the band The Victory Drive. This beautiful song opens up with an ambient and filtered piano that draws me in and makes me feel like something big is going to happen. Around 14 seconds, June's voice comes in with a full and sweet-sounding piano. The track continues to build and add other instruments like drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and strings. The choruses explodes with vigor and empowerment, yet still maintain a beautiful sensibility. The climax happens during the final chorus and it does not disappoint. The snare drum rolls around 1:40 have a march-like quality and adds forward momentum to the second chorus. It could also signify June crushing all of her fears and inhibitions. McClanahan really nailed the vibe on this track. It goes from subtle to explosive in an instant.   

The production quality is professional and all the instruments are mixed well and balanced. June's voice sits solidly in the mix, does not get overpowered by the instruments and fits the overall vibe. Some of the production tricks (like the old-school talkie and crackling effect on the opening piano) grab my attention and I feel inclined to keep listening. The interesting thing about this track is that it has multiple layers that keep unfolding as time goes on. With each listen I find myself hearing new things that I hadn't noticed before. Those are the best moments. It makes you go "wow, what was that? That was pretty cool!" I do wish that June's voice had more reverb on it for the verses, but it sounds good as it is. 

I love songs with positive messages and this song has that. It moves from a dark place to a brighter atmosphere. It's uplifting and hopeful. Going from fearful to fearless. In the lyrics, June discusses the idea of overcoming your fears and she is tired of things holding her back in life. Sometimes it's best to stand up for yourself and make significant changes in your life. It might just be for the best. You never know what you can accomplish until you try.  

Jackie June will be releasing a new EP soon and will also be playing out around New Jersey, so be on the lookout! Go follow her on social media and listen to Chasing Nightmares down below! 


Score: 8.2/10

Instagram: jackiejunemusicnj